Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Inaugural Davies family gathering.

A very typical British August Bank holiday, just enough sun forecast to get everyone onto the roads, then torrential rain. Having said that, we all gathered (at different times) on the Saturday, and enjoyed a lovely evening in the orchard.
 Jess knitting for baby...he/she will be with us soon, and will be at our gathering next year !!
 Lloyd making a table from a piece of old panneling, and the old Oak joists.
From the Left..Owen, Lloyd, Tom, Alys, Andy(Alys' boyfriend), Jan and Jess.
Me behind the camera as usual :)
All together in the Orchard...suprisingly chilly for August, but a lovely evening....the rain arrived later the next day.

A dissapointing Bonfire though, those boys need more practice..although Andy did rock the Lumberjack look !

Workwise, not much was achieved, but this was a family get together more than anything.
Jan cut grass as usual, I started making stone steps up to the workshop (before I know exactly where the door is...risky!!). I also dug up part of the old drains and tidied them up and re buried, so we loose a few exposed drian-tops...been wanting to do that job for ages.

Jan and Jess started painting the panelling in the Inglenook room, which looks available next week, when its finished !

Monday, 18 August 2014

Base for a Workshop, and progress in the Inglenook room

It's been a while since I posted here, but that's not to say that we haven't been hard at work !

I spent a few weeks making a base for a Workshop. I had to build up a wall to make a flat area, then fill in the substantial hole with rubble. This was a perfect opportunity to remove more of the old extension, so I broke up the old concrete floor, and took down the remaining breeze-block walls to the foundations. This will allow the garden to take over that area now. Also removed much of the area that we have used as a rubbish dump. So all-in-all a good piece of work (although not very blog worthy ).
Anyway this Friday the Minimix arrived and hey Workshop base...
Needs a set of steps up on the right there...a job for next week maybe..

The Workshop (20' x 12') will arrive in a few weeks, and then I can empty the house of all tools ("and mess".. shouts Jan). I can then start working on the Library, which is currently acting as my Workshop!.

Meanwhile I made a start on panelling for the Inglenook room. It took a lot of planning and working out (even some Maths !!), but we are pleased with the result.
I countersunk and filled the screw holes, so next weekend it will get sanded down and painted, and I think it will look great.

I also put the second lime render coat on the window wall.. So that can get limewashed next week too..
The window reveals look wonderful.
...apologies for the gloomy picture...iphone camera doesnt do brightness.

So lots to do next week, which is convenient as we are having our inaugural Davies family get together at BCB. The first time we will all be together there (Tom, Owen, Lloyd&Jess, Alys&Andy...and the 2 dogs, Mogs anf Jonah).
Should be fun, and plenty of jobs lined up !!

Oh...and although Alys' room isnt finished...we've set it up for next week.. attempt...

Jan's more practical version...

We are still working on the Chimney wall in Alys' room, which still isnt taking the limewash ! Jan raked out all the sooty brown pointing (just sand and earth really), and re-pointed with lime, so hopefully that will at least remove the brown staining. Then we just keep the dehumidifier going in there until it dries properly, and the limewash does its work.
Its a real labour of love that wall !