Sunday, 15 November 2015

weekend #3 in the inglenook

a long weekend and thankfully still mild weather!!
I have been trawling reclamation yards picking up original read&black/blue Ruabon tiles.
So this weekend layed them in (not easy!) and then grouted them in.
Then spent a day in the Library, painting and tidying while the tiles dried
So on Sunday acid cleaned the whole room and wax sealed it .

Now just need the Esse to be delivered and installed soon please!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

weekend #2 in the inglenook

Well what an amazing day today, it felt like summer (actually probably nicer than most of the summer days!) was at least 18c, and even warmer in front of the house, which is a real suntrap!.

More progress inside, Jan continued painting and varnishing the floors of the Library and the bedroom above.
Library looks really nice now...we will move in next weekend.
and as it was....(notice the fire surround, resqued, painted and re-fitted)
 that floor was a deathtrap!!

I was working in the Inglenook. I dug out more of the floor on Saturday, then on Sunday took out the fire(stored in the workshop...I will use it one day when I build the orchard house). and dug out the rest of the floor. It is now ready to lay in tiles next weekend.
We have plenty of the red tiles (rescued when I dug up the hallway floor). We need the same amount of black tiles, so will call into Llanelli salvage next weekend.