Monday, 13 March 2017

Finishing the last bedroom , and a start on the stairs

I have been working on the last attic bedroom over the last few months.
I had to repair the back wall, as it was pretty ragged. Fitting a slate shelf has really helped, and given me something to lime up to, and made the whole wall much tidier.
It will take several more layers of limewash to smooth out the stone, but this will be done over time (as in all the other rooms).
Boarding the ceiling was a real pain - well actually every job was hard, as it's at the top of the house, and the number of times I forgot a tool  or wrong screws was infuriating. Let alone dragging all the material up four flights of stairs.
I had to get the floorboards up when Jan wasn't there, as she would have had a fit seeing how I had to do it (up through the landing window by the way).
So the boarding is done, the floorboards down, a door made and fitted, architrave done, and this weekend the skirting finished, means one more weekend and I will be done (last layer of fine lime render)
Then its up to Jan to decorate and furnish.
The room is bright, and simple, and the original roof trusses look lovely.
There is some residual damp leaking down the chimney and into the apex, we will have to live with that.

There are 2 small holes either side of the chimney breast. Jan is making small stained glass windows to go into them, so I lay in slate sills for them to sit on. 

And so onto the next job, and a bigly one- The stairs
This was always going to be the last major job in the house, as we didn't want to be dragging buckets of lime etc up new stairs.
I took down measurements, and angles, took some photo of the original newel posts, and spindles, as we will try to recreate at least some of the original style.
And then started taking out some of the old wood. Obviously leaving the stairs intact until the new ones are made.
The original stairs are not like modern stairs, they are basically treads and risers sat on huge pieces of oak.
The lower hallway has a very low beam, and I think I have devised a way of replacing it, and raising it so I won't bump my head (again)

Some photos at the begining of a long job.........