Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spring in the orchard

After a few weeks away, and not much progress, spring has arrived and the annual war on brambles has begun !
I have opened up a new front in the top of the orchard, which has been allowed to get overgrown over the last few years, and almost completely covered in bramble bushes. With my trusty scythe (and a new Styria blade, shorter and better for thick brush), it has taken the last few weekends, but have finished clearing this Sunday. A big bonfire next weekend will tidy up the job.

Also this weekend we took delivery of our new toy..... at long last we have a ride-on mower. Bought second hand from JGW in Cross Hands. A wonderful company, so friendly and knowledgeable.

Jan had her first driving lesson, and was off and running....

A beautiful clear day, with snow on the western Beacons.