Sunday, 17 January 2016

The latest project...a logstore !

Now that the Logburners are up and running, I thought it would be useful to have a logstore.

Unfortunately the prime location (just outside the back door) was occupied by a large pile of rock. The remnants of a half built extension on the back of the main house, that I took down a few years ago. The extension was part original (rock and rubble), and part breeze block (it was a right mess), so the breeze blocks have been utilised around the garden...mainly as the base for the workshop. However the rock from the original extension walls was thrown into a corner of the yard, and has remained there ever since.
But now that we have the nice back window, and needing a place for a was time for the rock pile to move.
That took a few weekends, thankfully I didn't have to shift them very far, but it was still a big job.
When that was done, layed out a concrete slab, then made a logstore frame.
This weekend we took delivery of a load of logs from Welsh Logs who provide excellent quality wood.

Meanwhile Jan has been painting and sealing the floorboards on the first floor.
The landing is a lovely square area, so Jan's creative side found an outlet.....