Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rear Window fitted

A very windy weekend...but thankfully the spring has brought less chilly weather. Its still cold at night, but at least the days are bearable.

Last weekend I fitted the new Slate window-sill, and so this weekend was finally able to set-in the new window....looks great, all we could have wished for. The huge hole that remained around it needed filling, which took a while, and I had to revert to expandy-foam around some areas....apologies to all renovation purists...but it works a treat !!

As you can see the reveal is a mess(unlike the beatiful reveals on the front windows), which makes us think it wasnt originally a window hole. So much so that we've decided not to try and repair it, but to hide it behind some panelling.....which I will be startng next week.

Meanwhile Jan completed the second course of fine-lime in the lower hallway ..looks lovely. First limewash next week hopefully :)

 This time of year our attention is drawn outside to the orchard and Garden. not quite time for the first (of many) grass cutting marathons, but warm(despite the howling gale) enough to start work on the fornt garden. Jan cut down the ever growing front hedge, while I leveled out the front area, digging out the resident weeds, trees, wild roses, and resident brambles. It makes the front of the house far more open, and a place to start a proper garden planting area.

Oh ...not before we have another bonfire of the debris collected....always love a bonfire :)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

new rear window....almost!

I know that i have been very lax and not posted for a while!.
We haven't been down to the cottage for a few weekends (family committments), and prior to that it was so cold we didnt get very much done except light the fires and try to drive out the damp as much as we could...We have decided that this is the last winter we will put up with being so heating will be budgeted before next winter!!

So now that the weather has started to get better, I went down this weekend to start the instalation of the new rear window. Made by our wonderful carpenter Neil, to our own is just perfect.
The current window is a crappy old metal window and very small, not letting much light in. It also overlooks the drive, so is a good source of security and light. We decided to make the hole larger and install a bigger window. We also wanted it to match the front sash windows(in style if not exact design) so asked Neil to make a 6+3 sash window.
Perfect !!!......Now just have to make it fit !!!

So yesterday I did this..
As you can see...Morgan(the choccy lab)...accompanied me this weekend...he loves exploring the smells of rabbits, mice and deer in the orchard, and laying by the fire in the evening...he was rather confused by the huge hole in the wall though !

I will be ordering the slate sill from Merion (Coed Cadog in Llangadog)....and at the same time get the oak for the basement (6foot post to support the beam repair, and new oak joists).

Then we can crack on and start making real progress during the spring  :)