Sunday, 10 July 2016

an orchard transformed...and starting work in the last bedroom

Well we knew it would,  and the ride-on lawnmower has made a huge difference in the orchard.
It now takes half a day of easy driving, versus the previous whole weekend of pushing lawnmowers to try and keep it under control. The effect is lovely especially this time of year, when we cut the main paths (wider than before) and leave swathes of wild grass and flowers for the bees, and butterflies (and the damned horse flies!!) looks great.
It also helps keep the cleared brambles from re-establishing

Every year we try to take out a few dead (or un-productive) trees, so this year we've taken out 2 and planted gain of 4. We planted 2 flowering cherries (I was convinced I had ordered fruiting varieties). These are for our Daughter-in-law Jessica, and our Grand-daughter Evelyn. Elsewhere we have planted a Ginko Biloba, to replace one which has been struggling for a few years and finally gave up last winter. It is such a beautiful tree, and matches other "prehistoric" plants we have  (a Sequoia, a Monkey Puzzle, and a HUGE Gunnera). We also planted 3 Cob nut bushes, to balance the decorative versus, productive plantings.

The Ginko...
One of the Cherries
 The 3 Cob nut bushes

A view West from the orchard with the Western Brecon Beacons in the distance

oh...and yes I made that bench of two, the other is down by the Bonfire area
Both made for £100 :)

We have also been finishing off a few other jobs...
Finally replaced the crappy basement window.
I made a frame, fitted a double glazed unit. Installed a solar powered fan, which empties approx the contents of the basement every hour it operates, also has a built in battery which helps it keep going a little while after the light fades.....this all adds up to a DRY BASEMENT...which is frankly amazing
At least this time of year, but will help enormously during the winter too.
The Louvre's are aesthetic, but help keep the basement dark & cool...and Jan potted some Sempervivums, and a rescued Maidenhead Fern from the garden

Another job was to improve the area around the gate and steps to the workshop. This was originally grass, and because of back-and-forth, was getting very muddy (especially in Winter). There was also a step down from the parking decided to lay a herringbone brick path.
Painted the gate ...lovely job....might consider it elsewhere.

All of this fiddling around the edges is fine, but needed to get back to the bigger jobs, so this weekend, I started work in the final attic bedroom .
Cleared out debris, stored wood etc, and started framing in the sides. These will be boarded and lime rendered. The walls will be boarded with old backing-boards, i don't want tongue&groove...I just need to find somewhere to source them. The pine end wall needs a fair bit of repair work, and there are shallow shelf areas that will be capped with slate (when I can source some). There are two small holes(10inch x 4inch) either side of the chimney breast, which will need filling somehow...I am sure Jan will come up with a design.
White-washed and repaired it should look nice....lots to do !

So there may have been a gap in posts, but busy as usual, and gradual progress.