Monday, 8 September 2014

Davies 1....Brambles 0

Wow, what a fabulous weekend. Warm and sunny, although cool in the evening.

So much so that I decided to spend the time in the orchard, launching my yearly attack on the brambles.
Cleared a huge area that had become badly overgrown, to the point that it was hiding four trees in there somewhere.
My weapons of choice at the moment are Machete ( a lovely Tramontina ) and Scythe which makes it much easier. The armoury is powerful, but those Brambles fight back, so I took many scrapes....but in the end I won, and cleared the whole area...until next year !!

Jan painted in the Inglenook. Two coats of limewash on the face of the inglenook wall, finished the panelled wall (F&B Downpipe gray), and a first coat of limewash on the window wall... makes such a difference, this room is rather homely now (especially with Lloyd's spare sofa)

No photographic proof this will have to take our word for it....or come and visit :)